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Teignmouth – Water Craft (WC) Operators Code of Conduct (CoC):

• All Water Craft (WC) must be registered before use in the Harbour.

• All WC users are to be aware of the weather & tidal conditions prevailing for the day, before launching.

• All WC users are expected to have completed a Certificate of Competency or Qualification course for their WC & produce the relevant certificate as proof if required to do so by Harbour Staff.

• WC’s must not exceed the speed limit of 6 knots & must not make excessive wake or noise whilst making passage in the harbour and must keep a good lookout for swimmers, kayakers and paddle boarders.

• All WC users will adhere to the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.

• WC users are required to follow this Code of Conduct (CoC) & any CoCs laid down by their user groups.

• All WC users will operate in a manner that respects other users of the estuary.

• All WC users must abide by all Teignmouth Harbour Acts of Parliament, Byelaws, Harbour Orders and Directions.

• Personal Water Craft (PWC) are only permitted to launch from Polly Steps and Gales Hill Slipways.

• PWC are prohibited in the River Teign except for passage to & from the sea and only between sunrise & sunset.

• Persons under the age of 12 should be accompanied by a qualified adult when operating any WC within the harbour limits; persons over the age of 12 should only operate WC independently if fully qualified to do so.

I agree to abide by the directions of the Harbour Master and comply with the Teignmouth Harbour and Teignbridge District Council Byelaws and Directions. I undertake to maintain adequate Public Liability Insurance cover for my Watercraft whilst operating in the River Teign and open sea, this insurance will be valid for all operators of this Watercraft. This permit to operate is non-transferable and is valid for the calendar year shown, current annual fee is £20 (inc vat). I understand that failure to comply with the above directions will result in further action and could result in the withdrawal of my permit to operate within the Harbour.
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