Annual Moorings

THC manages over 600 maintained and non-maintained moorings in the harbour and estuary.

Visitor Moorings

For more information and to book Visitor Moorings, please click the button below. Stay on this page for Annual Moorings.

Annual Moorings

Of the 600 moorings in the Teign Estuary, we have 150 maintained moorings which can generally be used at any state of the tide for boats up to 14m (46′) in overall length. There are currently a further 450 non-maintained (maintained the mooring Licence Holder), that dry out to a greater or lesser degree; the majority of which are suitable for boats of 6.71m (22’) or less. All moorings are managed and allocated against set Mooring Allocation Guidelines.

Moorings are available throughout the year (including winter only moorings), and are processed on receipt of a completed Mooring Application Form.  Once an application has been received it is entered onto the THC Mooring Management System and the appropriate waiting list. THC runs two waiting lists, one for maintained moorings and non-maintained mooring. To be considered for a mooring please complete the mooring application at the link below.

Mooring Applications

Mooring Application

To apply for any of the following moorings; maintained, non-maintain or dinghy, please complete the application form and we will contact you to discuss. The cost to process any of these applications including Move requests is currently £65. Please also click here for a Change of Vessel request (No Charge)

Relevant Documents

Please visit our document archive for Terms & Conditions and further mooring information.

Dinghy Spaces – In addition to our moorings, we also have dinghy spaces. These are spaces on a trot line extending down the beach from the HW to LW lines.  We have trots on the following beaches:-

Teignmouth:  Polly Steps, Back Beach and The Point
Shaldon: Strand at Ringmore, Ringmore, St Peters, Riverside, East Riverside and the Clipper.

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