Welcome to Teignmouth Harbour

An area of outstanding natural beauty on the South Devon coast. Open to residents, tourists and visitors. Please enjoy our harbour safely.

If you are afloat and in need of assistance Call Coastguard on

For all other incidents & reports

For all non emergencies that need to be recorded and potentially investigated by the Harbour Master, please fill out our Incident Form. e.g. near miss, anti-social behaviour, speeding.

What’s on in the Harbour

Upcoming Events

Staying safe on the water


Wear a Life Jacket

A correctly fitted life jacket will keep you afloat long enough for those nearby to rescue you.


Know Your Limits

Take extra care ashore and afloat, and think about your own limitations and experience.


Stay Clear

Give vessels a wide berth, and make sure you know what is going on around you.

Tide Times