Visitor Moorings

The Jubilee and Trafalgar Pontoons are moored in a convenient position just off Teignmouth’s river beach where there is a depth of 2.5 metres at chart datum. They are 20 metres in length and can provide up to 10 berths depending on the size of craft and weather conditions.


Step 1

Plan your visit – check tide times, ensuring you have sufficient water to gain access to the harbour and read visitors info.


Step 2

Check availability – see our visitors pontoon camera below (live by end of may), and/or call the harbour office during office hours.


Step 3

Provide payment details to the harbour office using our contact details. Charges are £1.60 per metre per day or any part of the day (inclusive of VAT). Multi-hull’s pay £2.40 per metre.

Visitor Pontoons

Tide Times