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Teignmouth Harbour Commission (THC) manages and maintains over 100 moorings in the harbour and estuary, which can be used at any state of the tide for boats up to 12m in overall length.  

THC also manages approximately 600 other moorings, maintained by the mooring Licence Holder, that dry out to a greater or lesser degree; the majority of which are suitable for boats of 6.71m (22’) or less. All moorings are managed and allocated against set Mooring Allocation Guidelines.

Moorings are available throughout the year, and are processed on receipt of a completed Mooring Application Form.  Once an application has been received it is entered onto the THC Mooring Management System and the appropriate waiting list. THC runs two waiting lists, one for deeper water moorings maintained by THC and the other for moorings that dry out and that are not maintained by THC but are maintained by the Licence Holder.

To be considered for a mooring please complete a Mooring Application Form indicating what type of mooring you want and in what area of the harbour/river you want it and return it to THC with the required mooring application fee which is non-refundable and which cannot be set against your eventual Mooring Licence fee. Your details will then be held on file until your request reaches the top of the waiting list and a suitable mooring becomes available. If your personal or boat details change once you have applied please ensure you keep THC up to date.

THC currently allocates drying moorings within approximately 6 weeks and deeper water moorings from 3 to 5 years or longer.

If you do not have a Mooring Licence (a Mooring Licence is with a named person and a named boat) and want a temporary mooring allocation please contact the THC who will try to find you a temporary mooring for which you will be charged at the Visitor Rate.

Please contact THC before you sell, buy a boat or change a boat on a mooring.

You cannot buy or sell a boat along with its mooring.

Dinghy Spaces 

In addition to our moorings, we also have dinghy spaces.  These are spaces on a trot line extending down the beach from the HW to LW lines.  We have trots on the following beaches:-

Teignmouth:  (1) Polly Steps, (2) Back Beach* and (3) The Point *

Shaldon: (4) Strand, (5) Ringmore, (6) St Peters, (7) Riverside*, (8) East Riverside* and (8) the Clipper*.

Dinghy spaces can be allocated as soon as a site visit has taken place.

*Currently full and there is a waiting list.  Even though your first choices may be full please put your preferences in order covering all areas on your application form. 



Moorings Services

  • Mooring Allocation 
  • Mooring Inspection and Maintenance
  • Mast Stepping and Unstepping 
  • Free disposal of oil waste 
  • Free disposal of flares and pyrotechnics


Moorings Information

Click to download:




For initial enquiries, mooring information and application forms please contact the Harbour Office on 01626 773165 or by email.


Temporary Moorings

When available, are charged at a daily rate of £1.50 per metre per day or any part of the day (inclusive of VAT).   For other rates refer to Mooring Rates above.   

Other charges for work carried out by Harbour Staff :-

Emergency call out during normal working hours (Mon - Fri 8am to 4pm) minimum charge £70 (inclusive of VAT).

Outside of normal working hours (ie. before 8am and after 4pm weekdays and at all times at weekends) minimum charge £140 (inclusive of VAT).

Enquiry may be made at the Harbour Office for information on other charges.




1 Oct 2020 to 31 March 2021 

Some deep water THC maintained moorings are available over the Winter Period from 1 October to 31 March at the following Winter mooring rates (inc VAT @ 20%):-


Current Mooring holders:

Non-maintained mooring with current licensed vessel upgrading to maintained mooring: £270.36

Maintained mooring with current licensed vessel but upgrading from current mooring: £182.98


Non Maintained mooring holders:

With a vessel LOA under 33ft/10m: £549.98

With a vessel LOA over 33ft/10m: £692.87


All winter mooring arrangements are subject to the THC Winter Mooring Licence Terms & Conditions in force at the time of the allocation.

Winter moorings are Temporary Moorings which end on 31 March; there will be no provision of a mooring beyond this date. 


Enquiries may be made during office hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm weekdays or by phone 01626-773165. 



Teignmouth Harbour Commission
2nd Floor, ABP Port Office
Old Quay Road
TQ14 8ES

Phone: +44 (0)1626 773165
Emergency: +44 (0)7796 178456

VHF Channel 12 (Office Hours)

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