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To find out how you can book visitor moorings at Teignmouth Harbour, click through for more information on our booking process.

Pontoons and Moorings

The Jubilee and Trafalgar Pontoons are moored in a convenient position just off Teignmouth’s river beach where there is a depth of 2.5 metres at chart datum. They are 20 metres in length and can provide up to 10 berths depending on the size of craft and weather conditions. They are marked “Visitors Pontoon” on the Admiralty Chart and in the Almanac. Charge £1.60 per metre per day or any part of the day (inclusive of VAT) via Harbour Office. Multi-hull’s pay £2.40 per metre.

During peak periods temporary moorings may also be available. Whether you are berthed on the pontoon or on a mooring you will need a dinghy to get ashore. See the Visitors Moorings page for more information on availability and booking. Please see T&Cs, particularly if you intend to stay for more than 7 days 

Public Launching Sites

For those who have their craft on trailers there are two public launching sites within the town. The main site is at Polly Steps which is just upriver from the docks and is accessed via the rear of the dock complex. This is a concrete slipway and has facilities for parking of trailers and cars. Proof of craft insurance may be required. Launching is restricted at low water on a spring tide. The second site at Gales Hill is situated immediately down river from the dock complex. Launching access is via the beach. There are limited facilities but there is a car park opposite this site.

A launch site is also available at Coombe Cellars, two miles upriver from Shaldon, which is suitable for small craft and dinghies and is mainly used by the local water ski club and dinghy sailing club. However there are tidal restrictions so tide tables need to be consulted before deciding to use this site. The Harbour Master can provide further details and advice if these are needed.

TDC Public Jetty & Landing

There are public landing steps and pontoon (you are not able to leave your boat here) available on Fish Quay which is a short distance from the Jubilee Pontoon. These dry out at low water. Access to and landing on the river beach is unrestricted.

Visitors Information

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Pilotage and Navigation

For more details on navigating into Teignmouth includes buoyage photos. Click below.

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