Shipping and Commercial

Shipping and Commercial

  Shipping and Commercial Teignmouth has been an active trading port for more than...



  Visitor Pontoon and Moorings The Jubilee and Trafalgar Pontoons are moored in a convenient...

Navigation and Safety

Navigation and Safety

Navigation Section - Safety Guidance   The Teign estuary is used extensively by a wide range...



  Moorings Teignmouth Harbour Commission (THC) manages and maintains over 100 moorings...

  • Shipping and Commercial

    Shipping and Commercial

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  • Navigation and Safety

    Navigation and Safety

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pdf Oil Pollution Plan Popular

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Section 5.2 Oil Spill Contingency Plan THC&ABP 2013.pdf

pdf Register of Interests Popular

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Website Public Access Notice - Register of Interests.pdf

pdf Schedule of dues 2017/2018 Popular

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2017.02.13 Dues Table 01.04.17-31.03.18 (1).pdf

pdf Teignmouth Harbour Byelaws 1985 Popular

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pdf Teignmouth Harbour Emergency Plan Popular

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Section 7 THC Emergency Plan 2013.pdf

pdf Teignmouth Harbour Revision Order 1924 Popular

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pdf Teignmouth Harbour Visitors Information

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pdf THC Accounts Popular

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pdf THC Signed Accounts for 2015 Popular

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pdf Tourist Information Centre Town Map Popular

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pdf Tourist Map Popular

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pdf Water Users Guide Popular

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Teign Estuary Water Users Guide 2013 web1.pdf

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Teignmouth Harbour Commission
2nd Floor, ABP Port Office
Old Quay Road
TQ14 8ES

Phone: +44 (0)1626 773165
Emergency: +44 (0)7796 178456

VHF Channel 12 (Office Hours)